Dear all freinds, doners of save heaven,

Firest I would like to thank you all of you that you support us to make this chrismas happen. Save Heaven assocatoin Ethiopia is a non govermental, nonprofitable, charity organiztion working on the benifitas of poor, orphan & vulnerable children to give care and support to change their life to a better future .

In ethiopia b/c of poverty and diffrent disease many young children became an orphan and street children. But no other socal security or Govermental organization to give securty and help for this children so b/c of that save heaven ass. Trying to give food, education, health, cloth, shelter and other support for many children in the project area.

last year september 2010 Save Heaven sent 212 orphan and vulnerable children to school b/c education is a main tool to change life of citizen. So those children gets uniform, educational material (exrsise book, pens, pencils, rabber, ruler etc), shoes,and for some school fee also.

Those children followed their scholl performance by workers of our organization so that they are the best students in the school better than others. Beside that children likes to enjoy them selves in diffrent occations so our organizaion celbrates this crhismas party with  212 childrens, 212 relatives, 25 govermental office reprsentativess and with 50 guest of the organiztion, our board members and workers of save heaven.



The chrismas party was so crowded by full of joyfull children and happy relatives who saw the happeness of their children.
The party was organized in a big hole which is located in the center of our project area lideta subcity. The whole has a stage dicorated with many picturs, chrisamas wishes, balons.

January 9 sunday every body was exating to be in the pary. The party sarted 2.00 o'clock afternoon but children starts caming in the morning too. We are busy organizing things to make the childre happy.
All the childrens and families wear a white t-shirt with differns awarniss raising message  printed on it. This t-shirt preapred by save heaven it is not only awarness raisein tool but it is a cloth for thilden also. Some children from the benifishes prepaired many educational, recrational programs for the day. Every one wear thier t-shirt and get thier seat. The sound system is ready to start, Gustes take their place so this is the time to satrt the party . Betty 14 years old and Biny 16 years old children are anouncer of the program  start to broken the silnce of the party by welcoming message to the people.

They were introduce the organiztion and maintiond why we gather today, and some children read some  poems then after 12 children sang some chrismas songs to the croud, and drama which educate children, the g/manager Lina spoke about save heaven and it's activity and also she gave message to relatives, gusts and goverment reprsentatiive that all of them are responsible to those children live in the street, orhpan, and vulrenable to care, support, give love and security.
And some profisional dancer show carografi dance and make the children happy, then after a doctor which invited by our organization teach to the people how to privent HIV Aids, mechanism which  protects us from the virase and avoid stigma and discrimination of HIV infacted children and familys.

10 childrn who get the best result from their school gets aprication certificate and prise from save heaven given by guest of owner for the children .
Their was a compition of feeding a cake to the friend quqily while all of the children coverd their eyes.
4 children, select from the children compuet answer diffrent question and the winner of them gets a gift.

All 212 children gets a chrismas gift from the organiztion and finally every one gets soft drinks, and get candy, checolet, brade, frutes and cake .

Then all of them dancinig enjoing, exiting with their gifts and the party was over.

It was not easy to make all the people happy but with help of you (donners) and a big efffert of save heaven workers and some volnterees our dream to make all 500 people happy was fulfilles.

Thank you all of you on behalf of save heaven ethiopia and behalf of ethiopian children and my self, that without your support we can't make those children happy and joyfull in thier lifes. 

keep supporting  us
May God bless you and your family. 

Lina, manager of save heaven assocation


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